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Revisions №79

branch: release 「№79」
Commited by: Rebecca Alford
GitHub commit link: 「f592c7d1adf43d15」 「№949」
Difference from previous tested commit:  code diff
Commit date: 2015-12-03 08:15:46

Merge pull request #949 from RosettaCommons/rfalford12/fix_multi_mem_bug Rfalford12/fix multi mem bug This pull request fixes a 'once feature now bug.' Initially, I wanted to prevent the user from incorporating multiple membrane residues due to ambiguity in tracking. Now, since a single MEM can be easily tracked and changed, it makes sense to allow multiple MEM residues. This change revises IO case 2 (AddMembraneMover lines 544-605) which deals with multiple MEM residues detected in AddMembraneMover: - Old Behavior: throw an exception as a result of multiple membrane residues - New Behavior: - If the user doesn't point to a MEM, accept the first MEM in sequence by default - If the user does point to a MEM, accept that MEM I also added two new unit tests to the AddMembraneMover test suite to cover these test cases