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Revisions №46

branch: release 「№46」
Commited by: Rocco Moretti
GitHub commit link: 「bd611ddc23a87985」 「№324」
Difference from previous tested commit:  code diff
Commit date: 2015-02-27 12:24:02

Merge pull request #324 from RosettaCommons/roccomoretti/braaaiiins File-level dead code removal Remove files that aren't compiled or used by any of the standard processes (regular build, unit test, PyRosetta) This includes both .cc files and header files. Only the main library directories (basic, utility, numeric, core, protocols) have been cleaned. "External" libraries (I include ObjexxFCL in this) weren't touched. I also didn't touch the unit test directory (I want to make it easy to re-enable those tests which aren't running currently), nor the apps or devel directory (as I didn't want to penalize people who sped up compilation by turning off their devel work). -- Though if we're sunsetting the devel directory, a cleanup there may be warranted. If I deleted something you needed, feel free to add it back (remember it's still available in git's history), but: 1) make sure you put the .cc file in the appropriate .src.settings file 2) make (and enable) a unit test for the functionality No test changes expected, as the removed code shouldn't be used.