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Revisions №1

branch: release 「№1」
Commited by: Kale Kundert
GitHub commit link: 「7d3d5150327e449c」
Difference from previous tested commit:
Commit date: 2014-02-26 16:00:42

Add a 'quiet' argument to Conformation::set_torsion_angle(). If you tell Conformation::set_torsion_angle() to set an angle which can't be set (e.g. because it crosses a cutpoint in the fold tree), the angle won't be set (of course) and three separate error messages get written to the terminal. In contrast, Conformation::set_bond_angle() and Conformation::set_bond_length() will silently do nothing. The behavior of Conformation::set_torsion_angle() is usually helpful, because you would expect the torsion to be set and the warnings may reveal a bigger bug. However, in some cases it's only necessary to set whatever torsions can be set. Then the warnings should be turned off, both because IO can be extremely slow and because superfluous warnings scare users. This commit adds a quiet argument to Conformation::set_torsion_angles(), to make it possible to silence this output. Since the argument is false by default, existing behavior should be completely unchanged. No integration changes expected.