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Commit date: 2020-12-02 09:02:52
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Merge pull request #5110: aleaverfay/bugfix_pepspec_anchor_at_term pepspec: copy coords instead of overwriting anchor This fixes a bug brought to me by Astghik Tsokolakyan who was getting a segfault from the count_pair code and saw that I had written count_pair. Astghik was using the pepspec application setting the pep_anchor to be the first residue in the peptide, but also extending the peptide 3 residues off both the N- and C-termini. The extension code works nicely building off the termini, but after the extension completes, it does some centroid modeling and switches back to fullatom where it calls "replace_residue" on the anchor residue to restore its rotamer. This is a problem when the anchor residue in the original pose was a termini residue and its a middle-of- the-chain residue after the extensions have been added. One solution is to not anchor from either termini, but that can't be the right solution as the app in its documentation says that you should be able to use a single residue for the anchor. The bug fix is to copy the coordinates that can be copied from the original residue into the new residue.