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Revisions №61330

branch: master 「№61330」
Commited by: Vikram K. Mulligan
GitHub commit link: 「48afcb40ec3ee668」 「№4768」
Difference from previous tested commit:  code diff
Commit date: 2020-07-09 11:44:18
linux.clang linux.gcc linux.srlz mac.clang
PyRosetta4.notebook gcc-9.gcc.python37.PyRosetta4.unit linux.clang.cxx11thread.serialization.python37.PyRosetta4.unit linux.gcc.python36.PyRosetta4.unit mac.PyRosetta.unit build.clean.debug alpine.gcc.build.debug clang-10.clang.cxx11thread.mpi.serialization.tensorflow.build.debug gcc-9.gcc.build.debug mysql postgres linux.clang.python36.build.debug linux.zeromq.debug mpi mpi.serialization linux.icc.build.debug OpenCL mac.clang.python36.build.debug build.header build.levels build.ninja_debug graphics static build.xcode beautification code_quality.clang_analysis code_quality.clang_tidy code_quality.cppcheck serialization code_quality.submodule_regression integration.mpi integration.release_debug integration.tensorflow integration.thread integration performance profile release.source linux.clang.score linux.gcc.score mac.clang.score linux.scripts.pyrosetta scripts.rosetta.parse scripts.rosetta.validate scripts.rosetta.verify linux.clang.unit.release linux.gcc.unit.release gcc-9.gcc.unit util.apps

Merge pull request #4768 from RosettaCommons/vmullig/multithreaded_frag_picker Remove support for Boost::thread (in favour of cxx11thread) Since switching to C++11, there hasn't really been a reason to use Boost::thread instead std::thread, and we don't really want two threading frameworks that we have to test. Indeed, the Boost::thread build seems to have bitrotted. This PR removes support for this, and adds a cxx11thread test for the fragment picker. Task: - [x] Add back missing .vscode file so that VSCode works "out of the box". - [x] Remove Boost::thread support from fragment picker. - [x] Remove Boost::thread build. - [x] Switch other apps that use Boost::thread to use std::thread instead. - [x] Integration test for fragment picker with threads. - [x] Update documentation. --> No updates needed. It seems that the Boost::thread build was undocumented. - [x] Fix single-threaded case. - [x] Add documentation for multithreaded fragment picking. - [x] Beauty. Also: - [x] This pull request updates the tools submodule to point at the latest master.

Test: mac.clang.python27.build.xcode

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