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Commited by: Jared Adolf-Bryfogle
GitHub commit link: 「763f7940ff4c1c57」 「№4368」
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Commit date: 2020-01-17 11:57:48
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Merge pull request #4368 from RosettaCommons/jadolfbr/glycan_benchmarking2 General ===== - Fix `Or_combine` and `And_combine` functions - Fix `get_score_function` to correctly use the local options collection - Fix `set_weight_if_zero` by comparing the 0 delta instead of actual 0. - Fix `extract_asymmetric_unit` to be much more robust, using `create_subpose` as a guide but keeping the additional functionality. - Fix `RMSDMetric` to extract the asymmetric unit if the pose is symmetric and the ref/native is not. This works fine for RMSD but failed for superposition. The fixes here and with `extract_asymmetric_unit` now allow glycans poses to be properly extracted and superimposed. - Add options to allow RMSDMetrics to use a different set of residue_selectors for superposition vs RMSD. - Add a warning to `superimpose_pose` that warns when a user is trying to superimpose a symmetric pose with an asymmetric pose (even with a correct `AtomID_map`). It won't crash, but it will give you a garbage superposition. - Fix flip of HNQ for residues across a side-chain branch point Glycans ===== - Add option to force `sugar_bb` 0 (if using get_score_function) - Add ability to control `kT` properly - Add conformer probability option for root of glycan only - Allow `sugar_bb` to be set on cmd-line or through score functions without overriding to 1.0 - only set to 1.0 if it had not been set manually - Add `match_window_one` option for glycans that is used for benchmarking so that the total number of rounds is the same for various sampling techniques. Beta Scorefunction ============== - Make -beta score function work for JD3 apps - Add serialization methods to core beta energy classes that are stored in the pose