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Commited by: Vikram K. Mulligan
GitHub commit link: 「f82d28a98d8d025c」 「№4197」
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Commit date: 2019-11-22 14:14:54
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Merge pull request #4197 from RosettaCommons/vmullig/add_options_to_simple_cycpep_predict Adding a few features to simple_cycpep_predict and helical_bundle_predict. This pull request adds: - The ability to automatically calculate RMSD to the lowest-energy structure encountered to `simple_cycpep_predict` and `helical_bundle_predict`. - The ability to calculate various metrics related to solubility and membrane permeability for each sample, and to compute the Boltzmann-weighted ensemble average for these metrics. - Support for sampling bond lengths and angles. I'll flesh this out more as I go along. <u>TODO:</u> - [x] Pull request #4216 should be merged before this one. - ~~Pull request #4220 should be merged before this one.~~ --> Merged into this one and closed that one, since this one fixes some bugs that persist in that one. - [x] Add the options. - [x] Register them as relevant to `simple_cycpep_predict`. - [x] Register them as relevant to `helical_bundle_predict`. - [x] Write the ensemble lowest-energy RMSD calculator. - [x] Output. - [x] Integration test. - [x] Add to scientific test. - [x] Document new flag. - [x] Write the ensemble SASA calculator. - [x] Total, polar, and hydrophobic SASA. - [x] Compute ensemble average. - [x] Output. - [x] Integration test. - [x] Add to scientific test. - [x] Document new flag. - [x] Add support for sampling bond lengths and angles. - [x] Add options. - [ ] Document new options. - [x] Add GenKIC bond angle and bond length perturbers. - [ ] Document new GenKIC features. - [x] Register with `simple_cycpep_predict` (but _not_ `helical_bundle_predict`). - [x] Have the options do something. - [x] Integration test. - [x] Check scientific test with new features: queued here (https://b3.graylab.jhu.edu/revision/commits/14270). - [x] Beautify.