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Merge pull request #3933 from RosettaCommons/JWLabonte/sugars/OGT Glycosylation: Adding EnzymaticMover for O-linked glycosylation This merge primarily adds an O-linking glycosyltransferase to the database for use with the `GlycosyltransferaseMover`. It also moves some testing apps to public, so that people can start using `EnzymaticMover`s more readily. It also allows an optional string `-` to be used to tell the `EnzymaticMover` system to modify at the default atom for a `ResidueType`. This is helpful for cases with ambiguous site modifications, such as either Ser or Thr, which each have a different name for their hydroxyl oxygen in their `.params` files. Finally, it fixes a bug in `GlycanTree`. Documentation for the two added apps is available on the documentation wiki. All unit tests pass. The two integration test changes are expected.