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Merge pull request #3953 from RosettaCommons/vmullig/bin_analysis_in_cluster_app Add bin string analysis to energy_based_clustering application This allows the number of unique ABOXYZ bin strings (with or without cyclic permutation, depending on whether cyclic permutations during clustering are allowed) to be counted. Completed tasks: - Add flag for this analysis. - Checks that this is only being applied to alpha-amino acids or to peptoids. - Add functions for computing bin strings. - Add counters for unique bin strings. - Add output: - Bin strings for every structure. - Bin strings for every cluster center. - Summary of number of unique bin strings (for structures and for cluster centers). - Summary of number of unique bin strings if strings and their mirror images are considered to be equivalent (for structures and for cluster centers). - Unit tests. - Beauty. - Documentation -- added to this page: https://www.rosettacommons.org/docs/latest/application_documentation/analysis/energy_based_clustering_application (though it may take a day or so to show up). - Integration test.