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Revisions №60657

branch: master 「№60657」
Commited by: Jack Maguire
GitHub commit link: 「685053c35ca0abfe」 「№3854」
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Commit date: 2019-03-16 08:27:02
linux.clang linux.gcc linux.srlz mac.clang
linux.PyRosetta.unit linux.gcc.python36.PyRosetta4.unit mac.PyRosetta.unit build.clean.debug cppcheck mysql postgres linux.clang.python36.build.debug linux.zeromq.debug mpi mpi.serialization linux.icc.build.debug OpenCL mac.clang.python36.build.debug build.header build.levels ninja graphics static linux.ui mac.ui build.xcode beautification serialization integration.mpi integration.release_debug integration performance profile ubuntu.clang.python27.release.PyRosetta4.MinSizeRel ubuntu.clang.python35.release.PyRosetta4.MinSizeRel release.PyRosetta4.Release release.source linux.clang.score linux.gcc.score mac.clang.score linux.scripts.pyrosetta scripts.rosetta.parse scripts.rosetta.validate scripts.rosetta.verify unit.addsan linux.clang.unit.release linux.gcc.unit.release unit.ubsan

Merge pull request #3854 from RosettaCommons/JackMaguire/UnorderedSets Sergey gave us advice at Winter RosettaCON to decrease the max_load_factor of our unordered_sets and unordered_maps from the default value of 1 to 0.7-ish to make lookups faster. We don't have many unordered containers in Rosetta but I found a handful that could benefit from this change.

Test: linux.clang.integration.release_debug_no_symbols

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