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Merge pull request #3647 from RosettaCommons/bioragul/TCRmodel TCRmodel contains the protocol for modeling T cell receptors (TCR). The ‘tcrmodel’ application is used for modeling TCRs. The protocol uses the template structures present in "Rosetta/main/database/additional_protocol_data/tcr/". The template files are updated separately. The TCRseqInfo class handles the parsing/numbering of TCR sequences. The TCRmodel class handles the actual grafting/modeling of TCRs. TCRloopRefine class handles the post-modeling refinement of CDR loops. Two unit tests and an integration test were added. A demo of this protocol is included in the tutorials. The documentation link for this protocol is https://www.rosettacommons.org/docs/latest/application_documentation/structure_prediction/TCRmodel.

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