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Merge pull request #3573 from RosettaCommons/jkleman/sci_bench_template Jkleman/sci bench template: * updating relax scientific tests (fast_relax, fast_relax 5 iterations, cart_relax) to include cutoffs * added a readme to each of these directories * added a template directory as a starting point for adding scientific tests, these should be reasonably well commented - [x] DONE: I have documentation for it, but: - [x] TODO: it needs to be added to the wiki in some place. There are old pages about scientific tests, need to ask Rocco where to put or move pages latest run: http://benchmark.graylab.jhu.edu/revision?branch=&id=11038 documentation: https://www.rosettacommons.org/docs/wiki/development_documentation/test/Scientific-Benchmarks find the template in: `/Rosetta/main/tests/scientific/tests/_template_`