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Commited by: Jack Maguire
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Commit date: 2018-10-16 09:16:06
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Merge pull request #3531 from RosettaCommons/JackMaguire/SerializedSAndL Add Inputter/Outputter For Saving Serialized Poses To Disk Sometimes we run rosetta_scripts multiple times without needing the intermediate output. For example: ```sh rosetta_scripts @flags1 sort -nk2 score.sc | awk ... | head ... > pdblist rosetta_scripts -l pdblist @flags2 ``` I am adding an option to pass poses by printing serialized poses to disk instead of PDB files, silent files, etc. This allows for more of the information inside of the pose to survive from round to round and will result in faster saving/loading. New flags: -in:file:srlz -in:file:srlz_override (does not terminate Rosetta when the serialized pose was made with a different version of Rosetta) -out:file:srlz

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