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Commited by: Jared Adolf-Bryfogle
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Commit date: 2018-09-17 13:17:24
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Merge pull request #3393 from RosettaCommons/jadolfbr/glycan_benchmarking Symmetry and Glycan QOL improvements General ====== - Made symmetry finally work with Glycans properly - Keep the `GlycanTreeSet` up-to-date with the symmetric state of the pose. - Made symmetric minimization work with Branched torsions (thanks @fdimaio for help tracking this down!) - Added serialization routines to `SymmetricEnergies` - Added `update_noncannonical_connection` function to `SymmetricConformation` - Added a version of `get_score_function()` that takes a pose in order to give the correct `ScoreFunction` for non-global symmetry setup. - Cleaned up `MinMover` to not edit the movemap based on omega in the `inner_minimization` call and instead take a const `MoveMap` - Make the `MoveMapFactory` give a movemap based on the symmetric state of the pose Bug Fixes ======= - Fix `DensityFitMetric` and `DensityFitSelector` - Update noncannonical connections after the virtual to real transition for a residue New Classes (with unit tests) ================== - `PerResidueGlycanLayerMetric` outputs the layer number of each glycan residue selected - `MasterSubunitSelector` selects the master subunit in a symmetric pose. If the pose is not symmetric, returns all residues. New options ========= - Added `-output_only_asymmetric_subunit` option that extracts the asymmetric unit during PoseToStructFileRep conversion. No this does not work for silent files - Added options to RMSD SimpleMetrics to allow a superposition on the subset of residues being calculated.