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Commited by: Labonte
GitHub commit link: 「99888c02b8a299eb」 「№3354」
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Commit date: 2018-07-31 15:06:48
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Merge pull request #3354 from RosettaCommons/JWLabonte/sugars/output GlycanTree: Adding a method to output the IUPAC sequence for an individual glycan This merge will add a function `Pose::glycan_tree_sequence` that will output a string representation of a glycan in IUPAC format. Currently, `Pose::chain_sequence` will output the IUPAC sequence for a polysaccharide chain, but this is simply a linear sequence. The new function will give the branches and their connectivity using the standard IUPAC bracket notation. In the process of writing this code, I made a few modifications to `CarbohydrateInfo` in regards to nomenclature: * Reducing-end residues now include their anomeric form as part of their name. (They usually don't in the literature, but that's because of ignorance because of their instability. In a modeling case, we absolutely know which anomer we have.) * A bug is fixed regarding sugar-modification abbreviations as suffixes in short-form names. Reducing-end GlcpNAc, for example, no longer outputs as GlcpN. I have also corrected input files for use with the 'glycosylate_pose()` functions, reordering their branches so that Rosetta no longer gets confused. CCD_loop_closure and carbohydrate integration test changes expected, because of the bulleted changed noted above. All unit tests pass.

Test: linux.clang.python36.scripts.pyrosetta

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