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Commit date: 2018-06-21 12:08:36

Merge pull request #3279 from RosettaCommons/JWLabonte/sugars/branching Glycosylation: Allowing glycosylation of lipids and nucleotide diphosphates This merge will allow one to glycosylate an appropriate lipid or nucleotide diphosphate (e.g., UDP) using the glycosylate_pose() functions. For example: make_pose_from_sequence( pose, "Z[UDP:non-conjugated]", *residue_set ); pose::carbohydrates::glycosylate_pose( pose, 1, "a-D-Glcp-" ); carbohydrates integration test changes expected. rosetta_scripts_jd3 and simple_glycosylation test changes are cosmetic. All unit tests pass.