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Revisions №60233

branch: master 「№60233」
Commited by: Frank DiMaio
GitHub commit link: 「b9be90b1ee12ab81」 「№3223」
Difference from previous tested commit:  code diff
Commit date: 2018-05-28 14:16:46

Merge pull request #3223 from RosettaCommons/rpavlovicz/water_ddg This commit is a major refactor of PR #2825, removing a lot of code from core into protocols. * all the point-water code, including generation and packing, now lives in WaterBoxMover. This mover is parsable with only 3 options: <WaterBoxMover mode="replace"/> Mode is one of (remove, append, replace), and the mover carries out all steps of the protocol. * water overlap code logic is rewritten to be faster * bunch of options removed (where default values were generally reasonable); option system calls centralized to one function There are many expected integration test failures: * 20 result from changing RestrictToInterface (removing dependency on interaction graph) * 49 result from showing EnergyMethodOptions on stdout (several defaults changed)