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Commited by: Jared Adolf-Bryfogle
GitHub commit link: 「cfdc4de80e863ab0」 「№3179」
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Commit date: 2018-05-11 17:27:22

Merge pull request #3179 from RosettaCommons/jadolfbr/simple_metrics Fix SM features integration test + various bug fixes Also fix: - The cdr length metric output for RAbD - A bug in GlycanTreeRelax when using multiple apply calls, round=1, or when window=1. - AnchoredGraftMover XSD - AnchoredGraftMover copy constructor from changes to the way rosetta numbering was parsed. - Fix rare FoldTree crash for grafting by using `set_reasonable_foldtree`, which is generally reliable. - Add integration test for RS-interface of CCDEndsGraftMover, which calls the AnchoredGraftMover XSD