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Commited by: Steven Lewis
GitHub commit link: 「e2dad9e4cc9271f2」 「№3019」
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Commit date: 2018-03-11 19:35:25

Merge pull request #3019 from CyrusBiotechnology/forcommons_recentmaster/smlewis/coupledmoves_segfault CoupledMovesProtocol segfaults if you pass no design mutations; fix that: now CoupledMovesProtocol throws an informative exception that you are required to have at least one designing position. Also the tracer name is wrong; I fixed that. Cosmetic itest changes from the tracer name change expected. * beautification issue is in OptionCollection.cc; not part of this PR; currently separately reported as a problem on Slack * integration tests: KICfrags has a timing element present, noise failure. rotamer recovery is crashing both before and after. coupled_moves is cosmetic as expected. * profile tests: it's fine if you look at it, they're just noisy