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Commited by: Jared Adolf-Bryfogle
GitHub commit link: 「7cf04e02c9b3578b」 「№2953」
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Commit date: 2018-03-11 11:04:59

Merge pull request #2953 from RosettaCommons/jadolfbr/ab_integration Small Antibody_H3 and SnugDock updates - Add setPoseExtraScores run to `InterfaceAnalyzerMover`(IAM) if calling non-const apply. This enables their output into the proper score file. - Add running of `IAM` for `Antibody_H3` and `SnugDock` protocols if an antigen is present. - Enable option `-run_snugdock` at the end of `Antibody_H3` for final models if needed.