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Revisions №60019

branch: master 「№60019」
Commited by: Jaume Bonet
GitHub commit link: 「ecdc28088f782632」 「№2888」
Difference from previous tested commit:  code diff
Commit date: 2018-02-02 00:01:53

Merge pull request #2888 from RosettaCommons/jaumebonet/nubinitio FoldFromLoops2.0 protocol

Vikram K. Mulligan 2 years
Note: this commit broke the core:NMerSVMEnergyTests:test_eval_energy unit test in the gcc compliation (but not for other compilers). The unit.addsan test is also finding issues with this unit test, now. [list]
Vikram K. Mulligan 2 years
Edit: I just saw Stephen Lewis' e-mail to the devel list. This issue is known to Indigo and Stephen, and is likely not caused by this particular commit. They are working to address it. [list]
Vikram K. Mulligan 2 years
*Steven Lewis. Apologies, Steven -- there's a Canadian politician named Stephen Lewis.