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Commit date: 2018-01-17 17:23:13

Merge pull request #2875 from RosettaCommons/vmullig/nmethyl_update Updates to N-methyl amino acids After adding support for spinny N-methyls, the rotamer libraries for N-methyl amino acids need some updates. I plan to merge this after pull request #2855, since that will affect this. Tasks: - [x] Update TRP N-methyl rotamer library in database with new version from Tim. - [x] Update other N-mehtyl rotamer libraries in Git LFS repository with new versions from Tim. - [x] Update N-methyl atom types and charges: ``` From Tim: ATOM N Nbb NH1 -0.6046255 0.000 ---> ATOM N Npro NXX -0.7438 0.000 The partial charges should be: N : -0.7438 CN : -0.2352 1HN : 0.1920 2HN : 0.1920 3HN : 0.1920 ``` @twcraven