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Commit date: 2017-12-06 09:54:55

Merge pull request #2775 from RosettaCommons/vmullig/indexselector_noerror Add an option to the ResidueIndexSelector to allow it to ignore residues that aren't in the pose Currently, the `ResidueIndexSelector` throws an error if a residue index specified does not exist in the pose (_e.g._ residue 56 of a 55-residue pose). While this is a good default behaviour, users have encountered situations in which this is not a desired behaviour. This pull request retains the current behaviour as default behaviour, but adds an option to disable this. Tasks: - [x] Add option to ResidueIndexSelector. - [x] Setters & getters. - [x] Update `parse_my_tag()`. - [x] Update xsd functions. - [x] Update unit test. - [x] Update serialization functions. - [x] Beauty. - [x] Documentation. @srgerb