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Commit date: 2017-12-01 15:54:07

Merge pull request #2757 from RosettaCommons/aleaverfay/beautify_after_trycatch_and_template_initlist_beautifier_changes Committing the new beautified files after fixing ~~two~~ three bugs in the beautifier: 1. the processing of comments at the end of try/catch blocks, 2. the handling of initializer lists for the constructors of templated classes, and 3. the indentation for lambda functions The first one I only noticed this morning when I broke the beautification test on master; the second one I've known about for a while, but haven't sat down to fix. Well. I just did. The final one I have not wanted to try and worry about because lambda functions are somewhat hard to detect. You can't grep for them; they're [](){}'s. I think I've written ok lambda-function-detection code now. It took a day and a half that I wanted to spend on the ResourceManager, but it's done. Testing on the server for this PR was fine for everything except the beautification status of course. The testing server updates the tools/ repo ahead of every test execution, so I don't need a commit freeze. I'm closing out this PR now. You will need to update your version of the tools repository before you next run the beautifier from your local machine. The testing server's "beautify" button, however, will work swimmingly.