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Commited by: Rocco Moretti
GitHub commit link: 「a0da70d9774be138」 「№2563」
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Commit date: 2017-10-20 17:27:18

Merge pull request #2563 from RosettaCommons/roccomoretti/compound_filter_details Permit CompoundFilter to give more info about which subfilters are failing/succeeding. To do this with minimal user-facing perturbation, I had to reorganize how the confidence value was treated in FilterFactory (basically, remove the usage of CompoundFilter there). This also involved overhauling the StochasticFilter -- the semantics of StochasticFilter were messed up as a side effect of how the confidence value was being treated. I regularize/rationalized the StochasticFilter interface, then added the ability to run a subfilter on StochasticFilter success/failure, and re-did the FilterFactory to use that directly, rather than the StochasticFilter/CompoundFilter approach it used before. Unit tests for StochasticFilter and FilterFactory were added, to make sure I got things right. Some slight trajectory changes in integration tests, as this change reduces the number of random number draws in the `confidence="0"` case.