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Revisions №59756

branch: master 「№59756」
Commited by: Jared Adolf-Bryfogle
GitHub commit link: 「b895481b9a8ecc9b」 「№2601」
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Commit date: 2017-10-08 19:56:11

Merge pull request #2601 from RosettaCommons/jadolfbr/glycan_fixes Jadolfbr/glycan fixes This PR has a bunch of bug fixes, mainly in `GlycanTreeRelax's` quench mode found during benchmarking. I'll list them below. - Fix `GlycanTreeRelax` issues if not modeling all glycans in the PDB. Improve the logic of `ResidueSelector` masking for quench mode. - Add logic to exit if `GlycanTreeRelax` has no glycans to work on. Set mover failure, which can be picked up and passed through the JD machinery. Makes us waste less time benchmarking something that does not need to be benchmarked (for example short glycans where the layer size is equivalent to the number of glycans being modeled - this then is just basic `GlycanRelax`. - Make some 'Error' output be 'Debug' in carbohydrate util functions as they are not actually errors if you are checking the return values. - `Fix GlycanTreeRelax quench mode logic` - __Fix `GlycanRelaxMover` where the MonteCarlo object was being set at the wrong place. This potentially caused input models to be output as final models and was not seen earlier, as up until this point we have been primarily building glycans from scratch and modeling them or loading very low-res models that have huge potential for improvement. __ - Add `min_rings` and `cartmin` options to `GlycanTreeRelax`

Vikram K. Mulligan 4 years
@Jared: this commit broke a unit test. Please fix! [list]