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Commit date: 2017-09-08 14:05:39

Merge pull request #2530 from RosettaCommons/Cyrus/mergetarget Cyrus/mergetarget Two code packets from Steven Lewis from Cyrus: a) IndependentLoopMover internally tracks the status of the loops it is trying to close, but does not REPORT that status (or perhaps it reports it to a checkpointing file, which is useless to non-BOINC clients). Changes to that class are to expose that loop status so calling code can check closure status. b) SingleLigandRotamerLibrary previously accepted rotamers only via the PDB_ROTAMERS line in a params file, or rotamers generated within Rosetta. I have rearranged this functionality so that a PDB-formatted set of rotamers (the same data that might come in from disk via PDB_ROTAMERS) can come in from a more generic input stream object. In other words SingleLigandRotamerLibrary no longer requisitely reads from disk to initialize itself. This class, and also StoredRotamerLibrarySpecification, gain unit tests.