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Merge pull request #2534 from RosettaCommons/aleaverfay/rename_just_parse_a_script Aleaverfay/rename just parse a script As part of the get-out-the-scripts drive, I'm adding two public apps: * validate_rosetta_script, and * parse_rosetta_script based on Andy Watkins' prior just_parse_a_script pilot app. The purpose of these two applications is to validate an XML file against Rosetta's internally-generated XSD (validate_rosetta_script) and to create all of the Movers/Filters/TaskOperations/etc. in the XML file ensuring that their parse-my-tag functions all run smoothly (parse_rosetta_script). In both cases, if the input XML file is ok, then the applications print out a short success message and exit with a zero exit status. If either fail, then they print out the message of any exception that was thrown and then exit with a non-zero (1) exit status. I have written application-level documentation for them in the documentation/ repository.