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Merge pull request #2452 from RosettaCommons/bcov/XmlObjects XmlObjects: Importing your xml scripts into C++/PyRosetta Ever since I moved to PyRosetta/C++ from RosettaScripts, I've had a desire to import my RosettaScript into xml and use the components. Well now it's possible! Consider the following code snippets: objs = protocols.rosetta_scripts.XmlObjects.create_from_file("script.xml") my_fully_configured_mover = objs.get_mover("best_mover") my_fully_configured_mover.apply(pose) the_wholel_xml_protocol = objs.get_mover("ParsedProtocol") objs = protocols.rosetta_scripts.XmlObjects.create_from_string(""" <RESIDUE_SELECTORS> <Chain name="chainA" chains="A" /> <Neighborhood name="neighborhood" distance="7" selector="chainA" /> </RESIDUE_SELECTORS> """) neighborhood = objs.get_residue_selector("neighborhood") neighborhood.set_distance(9) neighborhood.apply(pose) task_op = protocols.rosetta_scripts.XmlObjects.static_get_task_operation("<PreventRepacking />") These all work which I think opens up all sorts of possibilities. If you've worked hard on an xml and you want to use its parts in PyRosetta, now you can! I can even see large xml libraries being prepared so that one can load pre-configured movers into PyRosetta. If you want to use this in C++, you'll need to get cozy with std::dynamic_pointer_cast< >.