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Commited by: Christoffer Norn
GitHub commit link: 「1be050913ebdd603」 「№2406」
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Commit date: 2017-08-05 22:51:24

Merge pull request #2406 from RosettaCommons/ch.norn@gmail.com/alignmentCleaner AlignmentCleaner filters -- useful for removing epistasis from MSAs. Typically, to learn the amino acid background frequencies for a protein one would assume that all the sequences in a MSA are samples from some average amino acid frequency profile. However, knowing a structure of your target sequence, this is assumption is unnecessary. Instead you could make sure, that each amino acid in the MSA is a sample from the same chemical environment as your target sequence. This is useful for optimizing the force field and possibly also for design.

Rocco Moretti 2 years
The new `cleanAlignment` integration test added with this commit is currently in permanent (magenta) failure, with the utility_exit_with_message of "The avail aas file must have the same length as the pose"
Christoffer Norn 2 years
Thanks for noticing. I've fixed the problem now and pushed to master (hope it was alright, that such a tiny change didn't go through a pull-request?)