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Revisions №59616

branch: master 「№59616」
Commited by: Jason K Lai
GitHub commit link: 「e2b863a57cb1cefa」 「№2418」
Difference from previous tested commit:  code diff
Commit date: 2017-08-05 13:02:18

Merge pull request #2418 from RosettaCommons/jklai/hydrate Hydrate/SPaDES protocol with hybrid implicit-explicit solvation

Rocco Moretti 3 years
Hi Jason, this commit broke (permanent/magenta failure) some of the integration tests, which weren't corrected by your subsequent fix. Specifically the header_using_check (`using namespace` in a header is forbidden), which Andy fixed for you, but also `thread_local_tracers_check` (declare all tracers as `static THREAD_LOCAL basic::Tracer`) and `app_exception_handling` (the new `hydrate` application needs a try/catch block like the other applications), which are currently still broken in master.
Jason K Lai 3 years
Apologies. Andrew Leaver-Fay suggested I revert my merge. Unfortunately, he is travelling right now, so I'm wondering if there is an automatically way of doing this without affecting too many of the subsequent commits
Jason K Lai 3 years
Github is not allowing me to revert the pull request. I am currently working on a new pull request to fix the thread_local_tracers_check and app_exception_handling tests.