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Revisions №59575

branch: master 「№59575」
Commited by: Andrew Watkins
GitHub commit link: 「9df6b1896e697b50」 「№2378」
Difference from previous tested commit:  code diff
Commit date: 2017-07-05 13:47:26

Merge pull request #2378 from RosettaCommons/everyday847/5prime_cap Model mRNA in rna_denovo

Rocco Moretti 3 years
The farfar_mrna integration test added with this commit looks to be in permanent (magenta) failure with the release_debug version, though not the regular release (an always illuminative "variable seqpos is out of range" error).
Rocco Moretti 3 years
Looks like it may be related to an uninitialized variable issue: http://benchmark.graylab.jhu.edu/sub_test/71848545
Andy Watkins 3 years
Yes! Every day or so I have checked your recent PR to link to the valgrind_detailed you were running. I will fix this before I leave.