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Commit date: 2016-10-28 10:54:55

Merge pull request #1086 from RosettaCommons/JWLabonte/enzymatic_movers EnzymaticMovers: GlycosyltransferaseMover example This merge introduces a framework for a new concept in Rosetta for `EnzymaticMover`s, `Mover`s that simulate enzymatic reactions of post-translational modifications to `Pose`s, which I introduced at Winter RosettaCON2016. (If interested, view my presentation, which should be available from the Rosetta Commons wiki, or contact me. In short, and `EnzymaticMover` moves "`ResidueType` space" in a `Pose` instead of torsion space and creates starting structures for modeling rather than ending decoys from modeling.) This is a work-in-progress. In its current stage, it only uses sequence information, but it will be expanded to include structural information for the determination of which sites on a `Pose` will be modified. Currently, I have only added a generic, human, glycosyltransferase as an example, which modifies NXS/T sites. This merge includes unit and integration tests. It also, as an aside, includes a sorting of the init files for `Mover`s as a bonus. (Please keep those files clean!) All tests pass.