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Commited by: Vikram K. Mulligan
GitHub commit link: 「960d3f38963bdf5b」 「№1729」
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Commit date: 2016-10-19 03:12:34

Merge pull request #1729 from RosettaCommons/hssnzdh2/cycpep_changes Enabling the use of some ncAAs in simple_cycpep_prediction. This pull request is making small changes (literally adding 4 lines) to simple_cycpep_prediction app and genkic_perturber to use canonical aa rama tables for ncAAs for which a backbone_aa is specified in the params file. This will allow us to forward fold our designed peptides with some common ncAAs. Done: - add the option to SimpleCycpepPredictionApplication - add the option to GeneralizedKICPerturber - set for testing @gbhardwaj @vmullig