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Commited by: Labonte
GitHub commit link: 「0f2f8187e12709a8」 「№1352」
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Commit date: 2016-05-21 11:17:12

Merge pull request #1352 from RosettaCommons/JWLabonte/sugars/docking This merge improves a private pilot app I used for glycan docking. It also includes the following fixes/changes: more sugar patches and .params 2-deoxy- another rhamnose more H-placement fixes adding output to notify a user if input rings are not chemically believable fixes rotamer sets for substituted sugars (I had planned to add ->6-beta-D-Manp, but it looks to be already in the database....) All tests pass. Integration test changes expect because of .params file/patch changes and/or new output.