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Commited by: Georg Kuenze
GitHub commit link: 「83ab04f706558fa6」 「№1272」
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Commit date: 2016-04-21 18:56:50

Merge pull request #1272 from RosettaCommons/georgkuenze/AddShowInfoToPCSCode * Add a new show_additional_info() function to EnergyMethod and PCSEnergy classes * show_additional_info() prints out PCS tensor parameters and comparison of calc. vs exp. PCS values * Add an additional boolean variable verbose to show_additional_info() to control the amount of printed information * Add a new show_additional() function to the ScoreFunction class that can call show_additional_info() for all EnergyMethod objects * Add a call of ScoreFunction::show_additional() to the checkpointed_cycle_block of the FragmentSampler protocol