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Revisions №15154

branch: commits 「№15154」
Commited by: Andrew Leaver-Fay
GitHub Pull Request link: 「№4590」
Merge: 「62affaa76」「9fb37fcde」  code diff
Scheduled at: 2020-04-06 18:38:38.217843
build.levels beautification code_quality.clang_tidy serialization code_quality.submodule_regression

Pull Request №4590 master←aleaverfay/update_inclusion_removal_to_py3 Merge: 62affaa769cc426debafb67aa4756cb9ffa4d4d4←9fb37fcde3543652d5874eb24f6fbe3134fede6e Update tools submodule to aleaverfay/inclusion_removal_to_python3 ---------------- Merge commit message: Push a few serialization-test debugging mods to the TS

Test: linux.gcc.cxx11thread.serialization.code_quality.serialization

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