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Revisions №14954

branch: commits 「№14954」
Commited by: Morgan Nance
GitHub Pull Request link: 「№4564」
Merge: 「856582283」「6bf1ff86e」  code diff
Scheduled at: 2020-03-13 19:30:58.613054
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linux.clang.cxx11thread.serialization.python37.PyRosetta4.unit mac.PyRosetta.unit build.cppcheck mpi mpi.serialization build.header build.levels build.ninja_debug graphics static beautification serialization code_quality.submodule_regression integration.mpi integration.release_debug integration performance profile linux.clang.score linux.gcc.score mac.clang.score linux.scripts.pyrosetta scripts.rosetta.parse scripts.rosetta.validate scripts.rosetta.verify

Pull Request №4564 master←mlnance/speed_up_find_best_match Merge: 856582283dc66773697b3dca9d664f3e812c9983←6bf1ff86e474c9d24f5c76bf7da29b186e37f62d Don't look for best `rsd_type` match if there is only one option ---------------- Merge commit message: addressing Rocco's comments. don't store rsd_type in a variable, just return it outright. Removed commented out code that had to do with timing that particular method