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Commited by: Vikram K. Mulligan
GitHub Pull Request link: 「№4089」
Merge: 「144630bd1」「bb79cec5d」  code diff
Scheduled at: 2019-10-24 22:23:17.764033
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Pull Request №4089 master←vmullig/multithreaded_packer_setup2 Merge: 144630bd1ecd26808a9f070798c067f4196109ab←bb79cec5d1237730eb3c3c3313214ab23b94a1dd Multi-thread packer setup using the RosettaThreadManager work vector interface ---------------- Merge commit message: Merge pull request #4310 from RosettaCommons/vmullig/vmullig/multithreaded_packer_setup3 Address Andrew and Jack's current concerns about the multi-threaded interaction graph precomputation. I was a bit conservative in the way I did this initially, and I ensured that the interaction graph was calculated exactly as before in both the single-threaded Rosetta build and in the case of a user of the multi-threaded build requesting only one thread. This creates issues for testing, and can result in code drift. Andrew and Jack had suggested that I use the work vector approach in either case, sending the work vector to threads in the multi-threaded case and handling the work in the vector with a for loop in the single-threaded case (both carried out with the `RosettaThreadManager`). This greatly simplifies the code, reduces the number of `#ifdefs`, and ensures that tests on one build are more valid for other builds. I'm also fixing an issue in this branch with the SymmetricRotamerSets object, which, when it constructs its work vector, creates copies of the RotamerSet that persist until the work is done. This is memory-wasteful. It's better to have each copy created inside one of the tasks in the work vector, and destroyed once it's used. Note that this is a pull request from `vmullig/multithreaded_packer_setup3` to `vmullig/multithreaded_packer_setup2`, not into `master`. @aleaverfay @JackMaguire Note to self: - [x] When I resolve the rotamer set copy issue, I'll be able to make `SymmetricRotamerSets::append_two_body_energy_computations_to_work_vector()` and `RotamerSets::append_two_body_energy_computations_to_work_vector()` `const` functions. TODO: - [x] Fix bug in on-the-fly IG computation. - [x] Fix the O(N_node^2) loop that Jack caught. Write an O(N_edge) function that iterates over the edges, and call that. - [x] That raw pointer is bugging me. Let's see if we can't switch the function call to a call to a static function. - [x] Fix crash bug in unit tests. - Ugh. There are two ways that I can do this. One's a hack that preserves the use of `delete this` in edge deletion. The other is safer but more work, which is to eliminate `delete this` in favour of a function that marks edges for subsequent deletion by the parent graph. - OK, I did this the right way. **This changes a lot of code**, but it eliminates the use of `delete this` everywhere in our codebase, except in pilot apps. - [x] The `ApproximateBuriedUnsatPenalty` is not threadsafe. For now, I'm just going to ensure that it can't be run on multiple threads, since it looks to be a fair bit of refactoring to correct this. - [x] I need to figure out why ddG is having trouble with threads. - [x] Add `-multithreading:total_threads 1` to `simple_cycpep_predict` sci test (for now). - [x] Add a few intentional instances of pass-by-copy (of `std::pairs` of ints or pointers, which should be cheap enough to copy) to the exceptions for `cppcheck`. These cannot and must not be passed by reference. This pull request must be merged before #4089.

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