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Revisions №13688

branch: commits 「№13688」
Commited by: Ajasja Ljubetic
GitHub commit link: 「d1b7644761abeced」
Commit date: 2019-09-19 18:06:49
scientific.ddg_ala_scan.debug scientific.ddg_ala_scan

Missing = in command.py

Sergey Lyskov 8 months
Ajasja: looks like these tests was scheduled for branch and not for PR, so re-scheduled them here for PR: https://benchmark.graylab.jhu.edu/revision?branch=&id=13689
Ajasja Ljubetič 8 months
OK, thanks (is the branch different from the PR? How do I correctly schedule them next time?)
Sergey Lyskov 8 months
please see my comments on how testing different in Slack #scientific_benchmark channel. Re how to schedule PR: - just enter PR number instead of branch/sha1 in submit page!
Sergey Lyskov 8 months